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First Time Home Buyer Mortgage
A nest for your loved ones: a home of your own.

The sense of security & peace, that’s what a home is all about. It becomes even more so if the house is your own. Owning a home is still considered a daunting task, requiring the investment of your life long savings.

If you still believe this, then be ready to get a surprisingly simple solution.

First time home buyer mortgages. Yes that’s the key to your brand new home. They are basically financial tools which provide you the cash required to buy a house, with your yet to be bought home as a collateral.

Today the mortgage market is very competitive. A host of lenders are offering mortgages of all hues. Be careful they may also offer u a home on the moon!!!! Jokes apart, the times warrant that we should be fully aware of all the terms & conditions.

Some of the important points, which are worth your consideration, while going for First Time Home Buyer Mortgage are:
  • Rate of interest & whether it’s fixed or variable.
  • Term of the loan
  • Whether the terms, give you the option of leveraging, any rise in equity in future.
If you are thinking of finalizing a deal all on your own, then don’t forget to take a microscope along with you because that’s precisely what will be required to read the fine print of terms & conditions. Because otherwise you would not really know, what you are committing yourself into. As most of us are not financial experts.

The easy way I suggest would be take the help of a broker. He would be able to negotiate as per your requirements & in turn also do all the leg work required to get the deal through.

Approach rightly; the house of your dreams is well within your reach!