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First Time Buyer Mortgage
Buying a home for the first time

You are living as a tenant for as long you can remember and you always dreamt of buying a house in a great location with lots of greenery and nature but your limited financial resources has always kept your dream home away from you. First time buyer mortgages can help you realize your dream and make your dream home your own.

First time buyer mortgage as the name suggests are designed for people who are buying their home for the first time. Buyers are required to pay a part of the cost as down payment mostly in the range of 15 to 20 percent and the rest is paid by the lender. As the property bought acts as collateral it carries less rate of interest than unsecured loans. The longer repayment period brings the instalment amount to a lower side making the repayment easier and regular. Your equity or ownership in the home increases with the repayments.

As going for a home mortgage loan needs a lot of thought and commitment for a longer period, people are advised to do their homework properly. They need to judge their financial strength wisely and go for a loan amount which is convenient and affordable to pay.

Buying a home on mortgage is not easy as it involves a long financial commitment and a huge amount to be repaid. It gets sometime confusing for a first time buyer to decide on a right mortgage plan. Since the repayment period is very high, a slightly more interest rate can cost heavily to the buyer. Therefore first time buyers are advised to do a lot of researching and information seeking to help them get first time buyer mortgages on affordable and attractive term.

Internet is a great tool for information gathering as you get access to more information in a less time. One can easily log in to the websites of financial companies providing mortgages and gather required information. You can also make a loan application online so that your loan application gets approved quickly.